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MECOnet in cooperation with the Laboratory for Medical Electronics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and  H2020 SMART4ALL project has completed the first phase of development of a home monitor for COVID symptoms called Syntrofos (Greek companion). Syntrofos is an electronic device that measures the main symptoms of COVID such as Temperature, Respiratory Ratio, Pulse, Saturation, Cough, Heart Rate, etc ... and displays the information on a mobile phone as well as sends them to the COVID Center.

By Syntrofos, it is possible for everyone to have a personal COVID signal monitor, 24/7/365. The Syntrofos Basic version will monitor Temperature, Pulse, Respiration Rhythm with Photo Plethysmographic Signal (PPG) and Respiration Signal (RR). The Syntrofos Mid version will also have oxzgen saturation SpO2 measurement, and Syntrofos Pro will also include ECG signal measurement.

The device is very easy to operate that can be seen from bellow text. It should be noted that Syntrofos is the result of local brain in both hardware and software. The designer of Syntrofos is prof. Radovan Stojanović, Head of the ETF Medical Electronics Laboratory. MECOnet is interested in partners in this project that will be of a non-profit character !.


More about Syntrofos:

    TV Vijesti station in live presentation about Syntrofos, 06/11/2020

   State TV station of Montenegro live programme about Syntrofos



  1. R. Stojanović, A. Škraba and B. Lutovac, "A Headset Like Wearable Device to Track COVID-19 Symptoms," 2020 9th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO), Budva, Montenegro, 2020, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/MECO49872.2020.9134211.

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