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SMART-MES telemetry station

SMART-MES (Smart Measurement Station) is wearable IoT based measurement station of general purpose. It is suitable for Smart Agriculture, Smart Transport, Smart Environment and any other purposes. It has developed as internal experiment within  H2020 Project SMART4ALL and project VIRAL. SMART-MES uses the last technological solution in both hardware and software. The sensors acquire data of importance as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light intensity etc. and send them to the SMART-MES STATION, which consists of nodeMCU (modern networked microprocessor), LoRaWAN communication module, actuator and sensors' front end, power supply based on autonomous  solar-battery system and output (power switch) module. The pre-processed data and sent via LoRaWAN  to REMOTE COLLECTOR, which further via Wi-Fi and router (hot spot) communicates to CLOUD. The CLOUD integrates commercial IoT platforms like ThingSpeak, IFTTT, Zapper with SMART-MES system. As a result, the measured quantities can be monitored via the Internet anywhere, at any time.



SMART-MES in precision agriculture

The components of SMART-MES system in Vineyard are shown bellow. We can see the outlooks of transmitter and receive modules.


The station can be used for precise Microfarming and Horticulture. For measurement of the air temperature and humidity SMART-MES uses widely available sensors, while for soil moisture monitoring MECOnet developed own family of capacitance sensors as seen down. Those sensors are very stable and well calibrated. 


LIVE diagrams

Sat Jan 16 2021 15:23:53 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

Live diagrams on ThingSpeak

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H2020 Project SMART4ALL


Development Sector of Plantaze a.d. (wine and food company) 

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