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Mediterranean Excellence in Computing and Ontology


MECOnet is very involved in international higher education from the fields of Natural Sciences, Technology, Technological Entrepreneurship etc.. Our forms of education are:

  • Internships.
  • Study stays for specific research.
  • Study stays for research  and practical work for Dipl, MSc and PhD.
  • Stays for acquiring practical knowledge and skills. 
  • Targeted Summer Schools and Training. 

In case you are interesting to spend your internship with us, including and study stays contcat us... 

Study topics for 2021

  • Cyber physical systems for different applications.
  • Internet of Things systems for different applications.
  • Smart Anything Everywhere 
  • Biomedical systems for fighting Covid 19

Those study topics can be organised in cooperation with academic institutions in form of Diploma, MSc or PhD works 

Education resources

MECOnet organizes educational activities independently or in partnership with similar institutions or projects.

MECOnet Proceedings and Books

MECOnet Library (Collections of articles books, presentations and other content resulted from MECOnet activities)

HighTechME (Montenegrin portal High-Tech entrepreneurship), sponsored by MECOnet. Collection of the material from field of HighTech. 

Diploma works, realised in cooperation with MECOnet:


Products, projects, dissemination, research

 Smart Enviro        

Partnerships and recognitions